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Tom Markert

Co-Founder & CEO


Media and Market Research veteran Tom Markert is the co-founder and CEO of TailWind Activation. Mr. Markert served as Global CMO and International President of Nielsen during his 27 year tenure with the company.  Markert also served as the CMO of Office Depot during his career.


Markert’s Board of Director experience includes State Auto Financial Corporation(STFC/NASDAQ), True Value, the Sydney Kings who compete in the National Basketball League of Australia and he is currently the President of InfraGard SOFL.  InfraGard is a Partnership between the FBI and the private sector dedicated to sharing intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States.


Markert has written two books published globally by HarperCollins including the bestseller YOU CAN’T WIN A FIGHT WITH YOUR BOSS and the movie script BOXED OUT which is under review in Hollywood.


Doug Pierce

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

Research veteran Doug Pierce is the co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of TailWind Activation.  Pierce’s work experience includes Dynata, Perksy,  and Nielsen.


During his career with Nielsen, Pierce served as the company’s SVP of Business Development and is credited with assembling and leading a cross-functional team responsible for securing the Procter&Gamble business from the company’s primary competitor.


Pierce later served as the Chief Customer Officer for Nielsen US, supervising thousands of client service professionals responsible for managing a Fortune 5000 client list, including Nestle, Pfizer, 3M, Colgate and Pepsi.


Pierce is also the founder of the Maximum Potential Hockey Training Center.  MPH was a pioneer in leveraging synthetic ice to reduce costs and increase the quality of training programs for youth leagues in America.

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